Heather ^^ Huge VIP (TOP is my husband), BABY (Himchan), STARLIGHT (Leo), BBC, A+, SECRETTIME, BLACKJACK, and many others.....kdramas r my ultimate weakness and some day I WILL go to South Korea.....im a huge fan of Supernatural.....i love to talk to people, so feel free to chat, but be warned, I never stop talking LOL....
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this could be us but you playin

this is my favorite video on this site

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jinyoung showing his arm muscle

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140722 - (Finally) Welcome back, our Eternal Center! ︎


The waiting is over. :)

ThanKyu for following this blog and waiting it out with me. I started posting for myself, as a way to hold on, and ended up with more than 600 followers. I never thought that.

Last pics from me.


some of Arashi’s AnAn Magazine cover