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So NU’EST is once again on Weekly Idol


What the hell? Why are they once again sharing the episode with another group? Do they not trust that nuest can hold a episode on their own? It so strange.


We will support you. I wish you the best ZE:A


We will support you. I wish you the best ZE:A



ZE:A’s Lee Hoo having the balls to stand up to every label who mistreats their artists in the kpop industry. #Respect


i could not be more proud of a leader than i am of lee hoo. so much respect, it took a lot of bravery and it was a huge risk but it payed off in a revolutionary way. feels like big changes are coming, thank you, moon junyoung.


Another thing to remind us that the smiles and laughter we see and hear aren’t always real. He took a risk and I’m glad he did. He stood up, and it looks like he’s winning. Respect for Lee Hoo.

[ADMIN POST] I just want to say thank you very very much to the one and only, ZE:A leader, Lee Hoo for everything he has done few hours ago. It was a huge change for both his group and the company as well. I can even see the members were waiting at the dorm like kids waiting their parents to come back home. And when he comes back with a victory, I can see the members hugging each other, screaming or even tear up because of that. Lee Hoo shows the world how amazing he is, how a great leader he is. I love the fact that he is very very brave to do that and beat the ‘impossible’. I still remember an episode on the “Children of Empire” when the managers eliminated Taeheon and Heecheol. Lee Hoo kept saying “ZE:A is nine! We’re like brothers. If we’re not 9, we’re not ZE:A..” to the managers. When they both came back to the group, he shared tears of joy with them. Lee Hoo cares about his members more than he does about himself. ZE:A members are really really lucky to have him as a leader, and he is really really lucky to have members who believe and respect him from all their hearts. And for ZE:Astyles, we are really really lucky to be a part of this man’s life and journey. I am proud to be a Style, and will always be! Let us walk together with ZE:A, ‘all day long’…

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Im so proud of Lee Hoo. He could have just left the company and his group and let them suffer but he didnt! Like of course by now most of us fans know that the industry isnt all that glamorous but for an idol to just throw all the dirt out their that takes serious guts! And as rumors go they may…


What Lee Hoo has done is amazing! I hope kpop fans realise how incredible this is ~ finally someone stood up against a company and succeeded! Lee Hoo, you are an amazing, strong leader.



My princely boys ZE:A… Please stay strong. My bright shinning leader Lee Hoo you are so brave, and it breaks my heart to see things turn out this way. You all deserve so much better than you have been given, especially after all the effort and hard work you’ve put in after all these years. I just…