Heather ^^ Huge VIP (TOP is my husband), BABY (Himchan), STARLIGHT (Leo), BBC, A+, SECRETTIME, BLACKJACK, and many others.....kdramas r my ultimate weakness and some day I WILL go to South Korea.....im a huge fan of Supernatural.....i love to talk to people, so feel free to chat, but be warned, I never stop talking LOL....

Just Jonghyun being…Jonghyun ㅎㅅㅎ

People say: ‘Art is beautiful, but dreaming of becoming an artist is stupid.’

Bobby - Rolling in The Deep (Mix & Match ep.3)

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fluffy kang seungyoon.

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Arashi Blast in Hawaii Concert Report 9/20/14


Arashi’s Entrance:

Arashi arrived in a helicopter, which was exciting and such an EPIC entrance. Ever since I bought the tickets, it hadn’t really hit me that OMG I WILL SEE THEM PERFORM WITH MY OWN EYES—like it didn’t feel real yet. But when I saw them in that helicopter and the video feed was…



VS spot From Hawaii

Riida Ohno cry why????